Kobudo Iaido
Traditional IAIDO
About TIA
The organization was formed in 2010 by Sensei Salil Nadkarni (Godan in Kobudo and Nana (7th) Dan in Isshinryu Karate), a resident of Pune, Maharashtra, India with a view to impart traditional Iaido training to the interested students in this wonderful art.

Iaido is the Japanese martial art of swordmanship which emphasizes drawing & cutting with Samurai sword in a single fluid motion. This technique is designed to kill the enemy in the case of unexpected encounter, and then put the sword into the scabbard silently as usual.
Iaido is suitable for all ages people and both men and women. Iaido emphasis and practice the Bushido, (the way of warriors), it is another way to present the "Zen", one of theories of the Buddhism, iaido is not only for the physical training, but also the mind refining.

Our training is composed of practice and application of waza (techniques) and Katachi (paired application).

Iaido requires extreme precision and knowledge of its techniques; it demands tremendous concentration during its practice & training. Iaijutsu with sincere dedication and discipline can offer an individual a lifetime of physical and spiritual growth as well as an enlightened and peaceful state of mind.