Matayohsi Kobudo
About OKAI
The organization was formed on 1st May 2001 by Sensei Salil Nadkarni ( Roku (6th) dan in Kobudo and Hachi (8th) Dan in Isshinryu Karate), a resident of Pune, Maharashtra, India with a view to impart Kobudo (traditional Okinawan weaponary) training to the interested students in this wonderful art. He decided to learn and master the Matayoshi Kobudo. The reason to choose the art of Matayoshi Kobudo is, it is a multi weoponed art Sensei Salil teaches this system at his hombu dojo. He had guidance from masters, to name a few, Sensei Mikio Nishiuchi, Sensei Arthor Moulas, Sensei Ted Gambordella.

The Late Shimpo Matayoshi developed the Matayoshi system of Kobudo. He learned this art from his father Shinko, some of Shimpo Matayoshi's noteworthy students are : Takashi Kinjo, Yoshiyaki Gayika, Kenyu Chinen, Zienie Oshiro, Seisho Itokazu.

Salil has a beautiful Honbu dojo, surrounded by lush greenery, at Model colony, Pune.

Sensei Salil is awarded Go (5th) dan Kobudo by Hanshi Ted Gambordella, Ju (10th) dan in kobudo in 2009.

Sensei Salil is awarded with Roku (6th) dan Kobudo by Hanshi Ted Gambordella, Ju (10th) dan in kobudo in 2014.
About Masters
1) The late master Shinko Matayoshi : (1888-1947)
He was born in Naha region in a wealthy family. His Kobujutsu training started in his early teens. At the age of 22 he ventured into Manchuria by way of northern Japan. There he joined a team of bandits and learned several other weapons. When he returned to Okinawa, he traveled to Jien province and to Shanghai and learned more weapons, acupuncture, herbal medicine and form of Chinese boxing. Shinko Matayoshi along with Gichin Funakoshi was the first to demonstrate Kobudo in Japan in 1915. When Emporer Hirohito visited Okinawa in 1921, master Shimko Matayoshi, along with Chojun Miyagi, gave a demonstration of Okinawan kobudo.

2) The late master Shimpo Matayoshi (Judan) : (1922-1997)
He is the son of Master Shinko, he started his training at the age of eight under Chotoku Kyan. Upon his father’s return in 1934, he studied under his father’s tutelage. Upon his father’s death he assumed the training responsibilities of his father. In 1970 he formed “ALL Okinawan Kobudo federation (Zen Okinawan Kobudo Renmei)” Until his death in 1997 he was technical advisor of the organization.
Anybody can learn Kobudo, no previous Karate or
any Martial Art experience is needed to learn Kobudo.
OKAI Honbu Dojo (Pune) Schedule : Tuesday 6.15-7.30 am ( for Adults), Thursday 5.00-6.15 Pm ( for kids) & Saturday 5.30-6.45 Pm ( for Kids and Adults). (Click for map)
Address -
3, Gajanan Hsg. Socy., 1114, Ganesh Khind Road, Pune 411016. Maharashtra, India.
Kobudo Syllabus
Practicing Pattern
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Bo :
Bo Hojo Undo Ichi
Shushi No Kon
Bo Hojo Undo Ni
Choun No Kon
Bo Hojo Undo San
Sakugawa No Kon
Bo Hojo Undo Yon
Tsuken No Kon
Bo Hojo Undo Go
Shishi No Kon
Tonkua :
Tonkua Hajo Undo
Tonkua kata Dai Ichi
Tonkua kata Dai ni
Sai :
Sai Hojo Undo Ichi
Nicho sai
Sai Hojo Undo Ni
Sancho Sai
Shinbaro No Sai
Eiku :
Eiku Hojo Undo
Tsuken Akachu No Eiku De
Kama :
Kama Hojo Undo Ichi
Koh bu Nicho Kama
Kama Hojo Undo Ichi
Matayoshi No Kama
Nunchaku :
Nunchaku Hojo Undo Ichi
Kohbu Nunchaku kata Ichi
Nunchaku Sandan kata
Kuwa :
Kuwa Hojo Undo
Matayoshi No Kuwa Nu De
Sansetsukon :
Sansetsukon Hojo Undo
Sansetsukon kata Hakuho